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Ascension by M-J de Mesterton ©2014,  Oil on Canvas 16"X 20" 




Arroyotherapy  by M-J de Mesterton ©2006, Oil on Canvas 36" X 48"

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Jade, Stone of Heaven by M-J de Mesterton ©2009, Oil on Canvas 16" X 20"

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Bounty, by M-J de Mesterton  ©2011

Oil on Canvas 24" X 40", Framed


 El Dorado, by M-J de Mesterton ©2008

Oil on Canvas 65" X 72"



 Pierres Précieuses by M-J de Mesterton ©2013, Oil on Canvas 11" X 14"

Courtesy of the Moriguchi Collection 


 Opalescent Dawn, by M-J de Mesterton, Oil on Canvas  16" X 20"


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     Tripping Stones by M-J de Mesterton ©2013, Oil on Canvas 16" X 20"   


Here's to Hue II by M-J de Mesterton ©2013, Oil on Canvas 16" X 20" 


Color-Field, by M-J de Mesterton ©2006, Oil on Canvas 60" X 72"

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 Daybreak or Something, by M-J de Mesterton ©2013

Oil on Canvas 11" X 14" 


The Mystic Rock Paintings of M-J de Mesterton, Lifelong Artist  


M-J de Mesterton in Her Painting Studio 

M-J de Mesterton is the original rock painter, one of the most searched and viewed contemporary artists on the world wide web. M-J started creating psychedelic paintings of rocks and gems in 1974; her distinctive style has been imitated, never equaled. M-J de Mesterton paints the Western landscape up-close. Her work is characterized by vibrant, multi-layered rock-and gem-scapes and mystical compositions that suggest a higher plane of creation through elemental materials. M-J de Mesterton's paintings bridge the gap between representational and abstract conceptions--they celebrate the power of nature to transform mood; they bring balance to the environment in which you place them. M-J's paintings are beautiful expressions of a world that makes life possible. 

M-J de Mesterton creates canvases in a wide range of sizes, from 5" X 7" to 66" X 72". Her wildly popular and well-reviewed show in Santa Fe, 2007, was called Oil Medium, Large and Small. Paintings by M-J de Mesterton appear in over sixty private collections around the world. 

Trésor by M-J de Mesterton ©2013, Oil on Canvas 16" X 20"
 M-J de Mesterton attended Cornish School of Allied Arts in Seattle, and then moved to New York City. Living in Manhattan, she first did freelance retouching for top art, commercial, and portrait photographers, and after years of perfecting her craft, restored artwork for the Pace/MacGill and Robert Miller galleries, and for the Museum of Modern Art. (She also worked on Princeton University's portrait collection, which is extensive.) And she painted fields of rocks through it all--rocks in all sizes and shapes, some bright like jewels, others dark and atmospheric, rocks with bold, dynamic outlines, and facets rich with shadows and filtered light, rocks that don't always look like rocks but are instead magnetic abstractions of color and form. Mélodie-Jeanne de Mesterton paints rocks.

M-J's mission statement is devoid of complex terminology: "I use oil almost exclusively, and oil paint comes from rocks." Her compositions are vibrant, and they are moody and nuanced. She harbors a deep fascination with organic structure. "Every color we know comes from the ground below." Her fields of rocks are cold blue arroyos that run toward fading skies, and they are glowing sunlit shapes that combine power and sensuous abandon. M-J creates a voluptuous harmony that is uniquely pleasing.  

As a kid M-J loved to travel into the dry lands, which she called, "Cowboy Country". And even then she dreamed of living in the western desert, where the earth meets the light in a stark embrace. She became obsessed with the intricate shapes and colors that rest upon the ground. "I like abstraction," she says, "and I am fascinated by materials that can be turned into energy. There is so much wonder in the natural world, and it feels like alchemy to turn hard creations into mood regulators. After all, art is designed to shock, amuse, confuse, and bring happiness to untold millions, right?" The question comes with a smile. "I want to paint beautiful objects. My idea of beauty is just a little unusual...." But her paintings are beautiful, and they are neither modern nor old-fashioned: they exist in timeless constructs that combine bold expression with respect for genesis. "I love the earth; I love fullness and elegant structure; I love strength and integrity of form--and I'm not afraid of scale. There is an irresistible fusion that drives life and culture forward into the next frame. My paintings are snapshots of a conceptual moment; they exist to focus the eye on elemental objects, and how those objects can work together to make a field that plays on human perception. I want to move you."

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